AI can make a huge difference in your company

We'll make your AI product a reality

Increase revenue through a better user experience
Financial Prediction
Find opportunities in the market you would not have otherwise seen
Find Hidden Insights
Explore what your data is trying to tell you
Our Approach
We use an iterative approach to keep your costs low and get it into the hands of your clients sooner.
Deliverables in
Start with Prototype, if the results are good
Build a product around it you can use right away
Feed more of your data into your product so it constantly learns
The Elements of a Great AI Product
Below we show the elements of the project that we bring to the table, and the pieces that you will bring.
Your Problem or Oportunity
You have an idea of how Artificial Intelligence might be able to make a difference in your organization. Great! We will work with you to dig deep into the problem, educate you on the state of the art, and figure out how best we could solve this problem.
Your data
The key element to any Artificial Intellence solution is the data. This is what is used to train the system on how to find or predict the desired output. We will help you uncover what data is needed to solve your problem and come up with a data strategy that makes sense for you.
Our Product Expertise
We aren't eggheads sitting in a room looking at numbers. Like you, we are business minded engineers who know what it takes to build products to create real value for customers. We will work with you to establish the best way to create the value you need quickly.
Our Machine Learning Expertise
Once all the other pieces in place, we will pull from our specialized network of machine learning engineers to start getting into the data and doing the deep work.
Success Metrics
In Machine Learning, a confidence level is associated with every output. This will be the key component we will collectively use to determine how helpful the AI is.
Your First Machine
Learning Product
Our team has worked with a ton of companies
Government of Canada
Governeur Hotels
Let's Talk
Letʼs talk about your problem! Reach out to Jevin, our principle Machine Learning Product Engineer.